Selling a Home

When you want to sell your home, you’ll want to start with calling a Real Estate Agent, even if you are just wondering about the value of your house. Often people call a large company they’ve heard of through TV or other big media. That choice can be risky because you may get a “novice” agent who needs the practice and is just starting out.

Calling me, Harry Greenberg, gets you an experienced Seller’s Agent who knows Minneapolis neighborhood realty. I offer you a knowledgeable perspective on the market that most homeowners don’t have, no matter how savvy they are. I know what features buyers are looking for; what improvements will bring the best return; or make a sale possible in this market. I’ll sit down with you, and carefully listen to your goals. And I care about sustainability; I’m an active person who know walkability, bikeability, and the trail system.

Integrity is the core of my practice. You get my complete commitment to selling your home, and getting the best possible price. I will outline the steps in selling a house and explain some of the forms and procedures you’ll encounter on the path: such as inspection reports, the Seller’s Disclosure, writing a contract and more.

Sometimes the process can seem more overwhelming, but I’ll make your selling easier! I can get you listed, find reputable home inspectors, even movers and repair contractors. Starting with an Seller’s Agent will save you lots of time, money and frustration.