About Me


Why The Bike Realtor?

Because combining my biking passion with my real estate expertise gets you the property you want and helps protect the environment simultaneously! From my perspective, it never  makes sense to burn fossil fuels that cannot be easily replaced to buy real estate.  Besides, I love riding and finding good places for people to live in (or lease to others).  And there is no better way to learn a neighborhood than to see it, hear it and smell it from a bicycle.

I often invite my real estate clients along for the ride (and have plenty of bikes for their use just in case they are without a bike) but I never require it. You are welcome to drive and I can meet you – Make sense?  Then ride on! . .

If you are serious about buying a single-family home, condominium, townhouse or duplex, I can help you. I specialize in properties located in Minneapolis.

In the last 13 years, I’ve succeeded in buying a number of rental properties – all of which cash flow.  I am generous about sharing my knowledge, and researching particular areas to find out whatever you need to know to make the right decisions for yourself about buying the right property to meet your needs.

However even If you don’t buy a house, perhaps you’re interested in learning more about biking to work!   I also teach classes in bicycle commuting for those who are unwilling to pay for $4.00/gallon gas. I am passionate about increasing the number of bikers in the Twin Cities (and everywhere else) and once you begin to adopt a bicycling lifestyle, you will never look back!  it’s much easier than you could possibly imagine.

That’s why I call myself The Bike Realtor.


STEP ONE is easy – and fun.  We talk a lot! We spend time talking – preferably in person, but I am open to what works for you and your schedule.  I want to know what you’re seeking – and not seeking. I am primarily a buyer’s agent which means I work a mostly with buyers and less with sellers.

STEP TWO involves my researching the market according to your likes and dislikes as well as price and other specifications. I send you property descriptions, usually with photos, that may match your needs.

Once you see something that interests you, we’re ready for…….

STEP THREE:  .We meet at the property you want to see or we’ll ideally bike there together from your house, my house or some other agreed-upon location; an alternative is for you to drive there to meet me and my bike!

By biking together, we can rate the degree to which the location is “bicycle friendly.” This is a metric I have devised based on trails, streets with bike lanes or room for bikers as well as the places you regularly travel to and from.

We revisit STEP THREE  (or we can call it STEP FOUR-if you want to feel we’re making progress and are anxious to leave STEP THREE!) as many times as we need to in order to discover YOUR DREAM HOUSE-PROPERTY! And hopefully you are now seriously reconsidering a non-motorized lifestyle to go with it-