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A real pleasure to have spent as much time house shopping by bike as we did together. I was initially looking for someone who wasn't just an expert in the industry but was also trustworthy and had values I could relate to. I found these things in Harry and that's why I stuck with him. He knows South Minneapolis as well as I do which was very important as I grew up here and wanted to settle down close to the neighborhood I grew up in. I had a long journey from the beginnings of credit establishment to the day I signed the closing docs with Harry giving me impartial and insightful guidance along the way. I really feel like he was my advocate the whole time.

He did all and more to help me find the home I wanted, and to get all the processes in train to make the deal happen.

I would recommend The Bike Realtor to everyone in their search for a good home and a fair deal.

Harry was fantastic to work with! My wife and I had just jumped into searching for our first property with some very specific requirements: We wanted a duplex we could live in that also had good rental numbers, in a nice area in Minneapolis, for a depressingly small amount of money. These were pretty stringent, narrow requirements for Harry to work within, but he pulled out all the stops and worked tirelessly for us!

My wife and I both had 100% trust that Harry would tell us the truth about a property and a neighborhood, and he is not shy about giving his opinion! I was really worried about getting a realtor with the 'used car salesman' pressure-pitch vibe: Harry was the total, polar opposite of this! He was blunt, forthright, and genuinely had OUR best interest at heart. He never once pressured us, and supported us fully when we ended up backing out of our first offer after inspection - in spite of the fact that it would mean weeks more work for him before we found the home we ended up going with!

His knowledge of the neighborhoods in Minneapolis was outstanding - I imagine that biking everywhere gives him a keener insight into the areas he serves. He seemed to have a personal street-by-street knowledge of the areas we were looking in, and I found myself quite impressed despite being a lifelong MN resident. I was a bit worried that we may not be able to move quickly on houses at first with Harry not having a car, but he scheduled everything on our schedules and was never once late. It wasn't remotely an issue.

Halfway through the process, we began having issues with the Credit Union that we had been pre-approved through. Harry really went the extra mile and rode out to the bank to discuss matters, then ended up getting us in contact with a different mortgage broker who got us all set up with days of closing!

I am very highly satisfied with the effort and lengths Harry went to on our behalf, professionally and personally. As soon as we fully settle into our new place we'll be having him over for dinner as an extra thank you!

Harry went above and beyond to help us find a house. Highly recommended. And he is committed to sticking with a bicycle for transportation...unlike those other environmentally destructive realtors. 😉

Harry was very helpful, answered all my questions promptly and completely. He was able to meet us at every location we inquired about within a day. When it was time to make an offer he went beyond my expectations and prepared the paperwork late in the evening. Because of his hard work we closed on our home in very short time and got a great deal.

Pleasant to work with and I would hire him again in the future for our real estate needs.

Harry was very attentive through the process. He was eager that we understood each step and explained them clearly. I appreciated his clear concern that we buy what we wanted, rather than pushing us toward a particular property.

Harry Greenberg, the Bike Realtor, is extremely knowledgeable about Minneapolis properties. We were happy with his expertise and personality and would recommend his services to others!

Harry is very attentive and hard-working. He is good-hearted and very genuine. He is extremely helpful, and ethical in how he handles himself and in the choices he makes.

My partner and I had an amazing experience purchasing our first home with the support and expertise of Harry with Ride On Realty. When he says "I'm looking out for YOUR best interests, not mine" he means it 100%. While we were looking, he was conscientious of our budget and specifications and never pressured us into something beyond our financial scope or desires. As first time home buyers, we appreciated his patience, hard work & support on our behalf. He was very knowledgeable about all Minneapolis neighborhoods, particularly since he bikes through them daily! When we finally found our house, he was proactive in quickly compiling the purchase agreement and ensuring that we paid what our home was worth, and no more. In the negotiation process, he advocated strongly for us--even on things we didn't know to ask for--like installing central air. In the month prior to closing, he regularly checked in on our home to be sure that agreed-to repairs were being attended to. His recommended home inspector was also 5-star and continues to provide resources & support as we maintain our home. Just last week, Harry assisted us in contacting the seller regarding an appliance repair, which was taken care of within 48 hours. We love the home we purchased and feel 100% confident in our decision to work with Harry, The Bike Realtor. We'd do it again tomorrow. 🙂

We just bought our first house, and we really had no idea what we were doing. We're new to the area, and he provided very valuable insights into neighborhoods. He also provided us with stellar recommendations to a great housing inspector and very friendly people to help us get financing. I highly recommend Harry to anyone looking for a new home.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Harry with our property. He is an excellent realtor who knows South Minneapolis very well. He is responsive, honest, respectful, and would be an excellent choice to help you purchase your new home.

We had a great time working with Harry. He knows Minneapolis well because he lives there and has the focused perspective that bicycle travel affords. Harry was always clear that he would show us as many homes as was necessary until we found the right home for us. And we are both very happy with the home we purchased. Harry is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. I recommend you take a ride with Harry.

Harry was great in helping me purchase my new (first!) home. He approached me wearing his bicycle helmet and I knew right away that he was not like any other realtors out there. He was very responsive and showed me many properties in a short period of time, giving his opinions when I asked for them. I love that he is unconventional and chooses to ride his bicycle around the city to show homes. When I found the house I knew was perfect for me, Harry helped me to negotiate in a way that I would not have been able to do on my own. He convinced the sellers and their realtor that I was the perfect person to sell to, and got me the price I wanted. The only thing that I strugged with is that Harry can be a bit scatter-brained and not super tech-savvy, but we worked great as a team because I am completely the opposite of that (organized, knew what I wanted...). He brought the knoweldge, expertise, and negotiating skills, and I brought my set of criteria and organized thoughts. I would recommend Harry to anyone who is a bit intimidated by the home-buying process, and to anyone to appreciates an unconventional mindset and alternative way of looking at the world! He will take the time to answer all of your questions and help you feel comfortable with the process.

Harry listed and sold my home at 1221 Lincoln St.N.E. in Minneapolis, Mn. He kept me well informed of all proccess that took place, worked steady & hard to make it happen. I would highly recomend him.

Harry really knows the Minneapolis neighborhoods and seems more than willing to spend as much time as needed to help you find your home and make you feel comfortable and happy with your choice. He was able to get us through a lengthy negotiation deal with the sellers and help us get a new furnace when the existing was red tagged.

Harry was absolutely wonderful in helping me purchase my first home! Going into it, I didn't know much about the home buying process, but from the get-go Harry was patient, helpful, and supportive. He always responded to my questions quickly, and was extremely accommodating to my busy schedule. Plus, he's an incredibly genuine fellow and he truly does hold the buyer's best interests at heart. I would definitely recommend him!!

As "The Bike Realtor", Harry has a unique edge on other realtors. Since uses his bike as his sole form of transportation, I think he's able to get a better sense of the neighborhoods where he works. This gives him a certain insight on properties and neighborhoods that other realtors don't have. Also, Harry's candor, sense of humor, honesty, and genuine approach to anyone he comes in contact with reassured me that he was the right choice for a realtor. I would recommend Harry to anyone who is looking for a house!

I was very impressed with Harry diligence and follow through. He took steps for me that a realator never needed to. I woulld not have been able to go through the short sale with out him. I have recommended him to my friends and family. Once again, I can not say how impressed I was with Harry. He always returned my calls, looked into issues I has having, and always took the next step without even being asked. AMAZING!!!!

I have to give Harry 5 stars in all the categories. Harry travels by bicycle so he is very familiar with the city from the perspective of side streets and pockets of the city that many don't see from the highly travelled roads. He was able to find me a home within my price range and didn't waste my time by showing me properties that were out of that range. Harry spent time listening to what I wanted in a home and neighborhood and then used that information to ferret out the best listings. I felt that it was more important to him that I get the right house and not that he would make a sale. I would recommend Harry and will definitely use him again.

I knew after our first time meeting together to discuss what I wanted in my “dream home” that Harry was the realtor for me. He was attentive to my wants and only brought properties to my attention that met the qualifications that I had listed. He was able to quickly set up showings and was flexible in finding times that worked with my schedule. Riding around on bikes was a great way to see potential neighborhoods, and gave me a perspective that I otherwise may have missed. He guided me through closing and I have been in my home since November 2009.

The Bike Realtor was great to work with. He listed my duplex for sale and I had a interested buyer with a great offer within 3 weeks. Although the house didn't sell due to the low appraisal/property value, he did everything possible to work in my interest. He then assisted me in finding great renters, fast. I highly recommend this realtor.