Why The Bike Realtor?

Because combining my biking passion with my real estate expertise gets you the property you want and helps protect the environment simultaneously! From my perspective, it never  makes sense to burn fossil fuels that cannot be easily replaced to buy real estate.  Besides, I love riding and finding good places for people to live in (or lease to others).  And there is no better way to learn a neighborhood than to see it, hear it and smell it from a bicycle.


• Buying a Home •

I am primarily a Buyer’s Agent. That means I’m 100% looking out for YOUR best interests. I advocate for you, getting the best value from the seller. I’m an expert in older housing stock, know trusted inspectors, and all the ins-and-outs of buying a home. From knowledge about trails and sustainability to writing a contract,  you get my complete commitment to your needs.


• Selling a Home •

Calling me, Harry Greenberg, gets you an experienced Seller’s Agent who knows Minneapolis neighborhood realty. I offer you a knowledgeable perspective on the market that most homeowners don’t have, no matter how savvy they are. I know what features buyers are looking for; what improvements will bring the best return; or make a sale possible in this market.


• Listings •

Our Minneapolis Coverage Areas

I specialize in properties located in Minneapolis. I am passionate about increasing the number of bikers in the Twin Cities (and everywhere else). So I research particular areas to find out whatever you need to make the right decisions for yourself about buying the right property to meet your needs. I’m deeply familiar with the SOUTH, CENTRAL, NORTHEAST, and NEAR NORTH areas of Minneapolis.